For a small village Vilcabamba has an abundance of superb and diverse restaurants. You will note as you read this section that we have a lot of favourite places to eat. If you are so inclined, you can eat out most days here in Vilcabamba. We also enjoy the social aspect of eating in the town.

This section contains the facilities that we are personaly reviewing as per 2015/2016. The facilities that we have reviewed in 2009/2010 are listed in the next section along with other facilities that we have not personally visited.

Urku Warmy - Vegeterian food

Run by a lovely couple, Carlos and Silvia, this restaurant is a must try for vegeterians and vegans. The place is beautifully decorated with Ecuadorian artwork and mural paintings. I have not personally eaten there yet but I must say that the menu looks impressive and not at all pricey. Soup of the day, vegeterian pasta dishes, vegetarian burgers, quiche, salads and homemade deserts.

I enjoyed chatting with Silvia who emigrated from Chile with her husband Carlos 15 years ago. They have run several restaurants in Vilcabamba. She told me about her passion affair with cooking (she prepares all herself including the deserts), about ayurvedic diets, about diets especially designed to prepare people for ayahuaska ceremonies.

Location: Vilcabamba, central square, in front of Jardin Escondido

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