The information presented below was compiled in 2009/2010 and has not yet been revised. It may not be accurate


Laundry service is called "lavanderia". You drop your washing off and they wash and dry it for you. It is ready the next day. Price is generally $1 per kilo.

This is the laundry service that we use. All of our clothes have come back (nothing has gone missing, not even one sock). The service is open every day. Nothing has come back a different color. They have even been able to get stains out of my clothes that I couldn't get out! The service is open every day.

Address: Las Fernando De La Vega (walking up the square facing the church, turn left at Sambuca cafe and walk all the way down)

HOSPITAL (Kakichi Otani Area 12 Vilcabamba)

The hospital in Vilcabamba is located on the main road (On your right heading out of Vilcabamba to Loja). After 4pm you need to ring the number(s) below and enter extension 111. The hospital has ambulances and an emergency department. How well equipped they are I do not know. They have the following services/facilities:

X-ray, laboratory (laboratorio), pharmacy (farmacia), emergencies (emergencia), dentistry (odontologia), echo sound(eco sonografia), hospitalization, intermediate care room (sala de cuidados intermedias),

I have heard that the food they serve in the hospital is very good. They only speak Spanish, so if you need medical care you will need to have a translator.

Opening Hours: 8am to 4pm
Address: Corner of Miguel Carpio and Eterra Juventud
Telephone: (07) 2640188 2640128

There is a very good private hospital in Loja called San Agustin on the corner of the 18 de Novembre and Azuay. This facility is used by many of the ex-pats living here in Vilcabamba. My 5 year old daughter has visited the dentist here and had a check up and filling. She felt no pain, was very relaxed and left with a good dental experience. Total cost $25. The dentist facility was very clean, professional and was on a par with dentists in New Zealand.

I have been seen by a specialist of internal organs at San Agustin and I found the doctor to be very professional. I had a physical exam, ultra sound and blood test and received the results and diagnosis all in one day! Unheard of in New Zealand! All for only $75. This level of examination would have taken weeks in NZ and cost upwards of $500+ privately.

San Agustin has an emergency room and is equipped for hospitalization, laboratory, dentistry, x-ray, ultra sound and many other services. They do not speak English only Spanish so if you need medical care you need to have a translator.


This is the town vet. They have vaccinations, de-worming medicine, flea control products etc. They are more like a dispensary then a western vet. They are skilled enough to provide follow up consultations after you have seen a vet in Loja (i.e. take stitches out). The service I have received from them has been solely to do with flea and worm control. I have heard of other people where the vet has come to their house and inserted and IV into the dog etc and they have been very happy with the service received. However, quite often the shop is managed by the vet's son and the vet is away. The son is knowledgeable in dispensing medicines and is a very nice person to deal with.

Opening Hours:

Address: On Sucre directly opposite the Square

Telephone: (07) 2640215

Mobile: 093829219

There is another vet in Malacatos who appears to be more 'on site' in their shop.

When my bitch was sick after giving birth she eventually (after seeing the vet in Malacartos) ended up being seen by Scooby, a vet in Loja. Scooby is a very nice vet who is capable of performing operations. The clinic has consultation rooms, nurses etc.. I have heard other good reports about them, and upon visiting then I found the vet to be very pleasant to deal with and efficient. My bitch made a full recovery.

The premises are not that clean which is a concern for me. There is another vet in Loja that I will get around to checking up on as soon as I can plus there are veterinary services offered at the university in Loja but, while their services are cheaper, I have not heard good reports about them.

In general, I found the cost of vet services to be substantially cheaper than those in New Zealand for example.


Opening Hours:

Address: On the corner of Bolivar and Juan Montalivo

Telephone: +593 (07) 573 030

Post Office

There is no post office as such in Vilcabamba. There is a post collection point however, located in an unmarked shop opposite from the police station.

To receive post in Vilcabamba, have the sender address the mail as follows:

[Your name]
Vilcabamba - Loja

That’s it!!! Very important: make sure your name is in FULL. 

What happens is when the mail bag comes they write the name of each person who has post for that day on a piece of paper with the date the post was received in Vilcabamba on it and stick it up on the wall. 

Then you come in and read the list and say ‘that’s me’ and then they go get your letter out of the bag of post for that day. So if your name is not in full a) you may not recognize your name or b) if someone else has the same initials and surname as you they may take your mail. 

Another very important note: do not send anything you can’t afford to lose via this post system, as I’ve no idea how reliable it is. Use Fedex or UPS or something similar. Try to use an agency that has offices in Loja and then you can collect your item from Loja. 

To send post in Vilcabamba, go to Rumi Wilco’s shop on Sucre (opposite the JARDIN ESCONDIDO (Hidden Garden). They take the post to the post office in Loja. I do not know how often this is done and have never used this service. They have stamps (but not envelopes).

There is an official post office in Loja. Note: It is expensive to post here.


Catalina Carrasco

If you are serious about speaking Spanish there is no better person to talk to than Catalina.

She is Ecuadorian, certified teacher from the university of Loja and fluent in English. She will give you a rigorous and structured learning experience and at the same time she will make it relaxed and fun.

You can visit her at her home in Vilcabamba or she can come to yours. For details and prices please contact her directly.