Real Estate Vilcabamba Ecuador- Rio Uchima - Quinta 9

Quinta 9 is great value. For a very reasonable price, it offers:

  • easy access from the road (only 20 meters of private driveway necessary between the road and the building site)
  • close to the entrance gate of the property, you can hear the river in the background
  • lots of trees and shrub - an atmosphere of tranquility, freshness, serenity
  • lots of space to move around, create gardens, build etc...
  • great views of the Podocarpus National park (east) from the building site (if clearing some shrub and some small trees)
  • abundant quality topsoil for any type of garden or orchard
  • lots of rocks available for construction and landscaping 
  • private established walking trail joining to the public trail leading all the way to Q14, the river and Las Truchas restaurant.
  • total privacy


Q9 and Q9B are separated by a steep impenetrable bank covered with dense shrub and trees. Also, as shown on the map above, there is  almost a 50 meter (150 foot) difference of elevation between the building sites. Total privacy is guaranteed on both lots (this is one of our top requirements when choosing the location of the lots on the property)

On the following photo taken from the other side of the valley, the positions of Q9, 9B and 13 are clearly visible giving a better appreciation of the space between them

Photo tour